Booking Your Event With South Point Arena & Equestrian Center is as Simple as Filling Out The Application Below.

Booking Information

In order to have complete information on file and to better serve our clients, applicants for dates at the SOUTH POINT ARENA & EQUESTRIAN CENTER are required to complete this application in its entirety. Subject to the requirements of law, it is understood that this information will be kept confidential. This document is an application only and does not imply or confer upon the applicant the right or privilege to secure a permit to use the SOUTH POINT ARENA & EQUESTRIAN CENTER. The applicant agrees that no publicity or announcement of any event to be staged at the SOUTH POINT ARENA & EQUESTRIAN CENTER by the applicant will be made public until an Event Agreement is fully executed by the SOUTH POINT ARENA & EQUESTRIAN CENTER.

Event Information

Ticketing Information

Estimated Event Attendance

Spectator Attendance

Participant Attendance

Staff / Official Attendance

Requested Accommodations

Promoter History

It is understood that this is an application for space and dates only and is not a contractual agreement. Once applicant's date(s) are on hold, they will be considered tentative holds until applicant executes an Event Agreement and delivers a non-refundable building deposit.

In the event that there are multiple tentative holds for a particular date, the holds will be given a priority based on who has called for the tentative hold first. A party who is not in a first hold position may challenge the date by offering the non-refundable deposit with a fully executed South Point Event Center License Agreement. The first hold has twenty-four (24) hours to sign a License Agreement and deliver the non-refundable deposit in order to secure their date and confirm their event.

All parties must show proof that they represent, promote, or own the specific event being planned for the SOUTH POINT EVENT CENTER. Such proof shall be required before any tentative hold
can become a confirmed hold. A fully executed SOUTH POINT License Agreement, along with a non-refundable building deposit shall be delivered to the SOUTH POINT in order to confirm a
specific event at the SOUTH POINT EVENT CENTER.

The applicant hereby represents that a full and complete disclosure has been made of all information which might be pertinent to the SOUTH POINT EVENT CENTER'S consideration of this application and that all of the statements are true and correct. I authorize the SOUTH POINT EVENT CENTER to verify any information on this use permit application.